Building your website doesn’t have to cost a lot. Free WordPress themes are a great way to begin, but with so many options, it can be tricky to find the right one. That’s why we made a list of over 60 awesome free themes. No matter if you’re showing off your work or selling stuff online, we’ve got you covered.

Why free themes?

  1. No Cost, No Problem: Free themes let you start your website without spending money.
  2. Look Good, Feel Good: Picking a theme that fits your site is super important for making it look good and trustworthy.

Check out our collection of themes designed for different types of websites. From showing off your work to selling things online, there’s something for everyone.

Best Free WordPress Themes

1. Astra WordPress Theme


Overview: Astra, with over 1 million users, stands out as the most popular freemium WordPress theme. Not only does it boast an impressive user base, but it has also earned a stellar 5/5 rating.

Speed and Optimization: One of Astra’s standout features is its speed. With a total page size of less than 50 KB, it significantly boosts loading speed, positively impacting both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and user experience.

Versatility: This multipurpose theme is a jack-of-all-trades. It caters to various website needs, making it an ideal choice whether you’re crafting an eCommerce platform or a personal blog.

Templates and Compatibility: Astra sweetens the deal with a treasure trove of over 100 free WordPress templates, making the initial setup a breeze. It’s also compatible with popular page builder plugins like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder, providing flexibility and ease in customization.

2. Neve WordPress Theme


Overview: Neve, with over 300,000 downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, emerges as a fast and versatile WordPress theme with an impressive track record.

Speed and Optimization: This multipurpose theme takes speed seriously, boasting a lean page size of 32.4 KB. By doing so, Neve significantly reduces website loading times, providing a smooth and efficient user experience. Its compatibility with WordPress Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) further enhances mobile loading speed, utilizing simplified HTML files.

Template Variety: Neve doesn’t just excel in speed; it’s also highly adaptable. The theme offers a range of free templates designed for diverse website purposes, from online shops to video blogs and online portfolios.

SEO-Friendly: Neve is not just about speed; it’s also SEO-friendly. This makes it an excellent choice for creating websites that not only load quickly but also rank high in search engine results.

3. OceanWP


Overview: With a staggering 700,000+ downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, OceanWP takes the stage as one of the most popular and versatile free WordPress themes.

Diversity in Demos: OceanWP doesn’t just claim versatility; it demonstrates it with 15 free, fully responsive theme demos. Whether you’re crafting a personal blog or launching an eCommerce site, OceanWP has a demo to fit your needs.

Feature-Rich Extensions: Enhancing the theme’s functionality are seven free extensions. These extensions cover a range of features, including a featured slider, social media icons, and a custom sidebar, providing additional tools for customization and engagement.

Perfect for eCommerce: OceanWP is not just a pretty face; it’s an eCommerce powerhouse. Integrated seamlessly with WooCommerce, it offers native online store features such as a shopping cart pop-up and multiple checkout options. This makes OceanWP an excellent choice for building a top-notch eCommerce site with ease.

4. Zakra WordPress Theme


Overview: With a growing user base of 60,000+ and a stellar 5/5 rating, Zakra emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a fast and versatile WordPress theme.

Speed and Responsiveness: Zakra prides itself on speed, being fully responsive and AMP-ready. This ensures a swift loading speed on mobile devices, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

Starter Templates and Easy Customization: Boasting over 30 free starter-site templates, Zakra provides a range of options to kickstart your website. The one-click demo importer makes the setup process a breeze. Customization is made easy with compatibility with the Elementor page builder plugin, offering both simplicity and flexibility. For those seeking advanced design options, Zakra allows the addition of custom CSS.

Multilingual Support: Zakra doesn’t just cater to a single language audience; it’s translation-ready. Supporting multilingual plugins such as Polylang and WPML, it ensures accessibility for a diverse audience.

5. Rishi


Overview: Rishi, a new player with 4,000+ downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, is making waves as a performance-oriented WordPress theme.

Performance Prowess: Rishi sets itself apart with a focus on performance. In a GTMetrix test, the plain theme installation loaded in a speedy 1.2 seconds, impressive considering its total page size is only 85.7 KB.

Starter Templates and Customization: The theme doesn’t just prioritize speed; it also offers a diverse range of 30 free starter templates for various website types. Customize your site further with available extensions, including social sharing buttons, a reading progress bar, and a cookies consent extension to ensure GDPR compliance.

Proprietary Plugin: Rishi goes the extra mile by offering a proprietary plugin, enhancing its capabilities, and providing additional tools for users.

6.  Ground WP


Overview: With a solid user base of 60,000+ and an impressive 4.5/5 rating, GroundWP emerges as a block-based, lightweight WordPress theme tailored for an exceptional blogging experience.

Design and Speed: GroundWP sets itself apart with its sleek and minimalist design, providing a visually appealing backdrop for content. Exceptional speed is not just a promise but a reality, ensuring a seamless user experience.

User-Friendly Customization: Ease of use is a priority with GroundWP. The theme offers intuitive options and a versatile collection of patterns, allowing for infinite layout possibilities. Customization is a breeze, making it accessible for bloggers of all skill levels.

Fluid Typography and Spacing: GroundWP introduces two standout features: fluid typography and fluid spacing. The former automatically adjusts font size to different screen sizes, while the latter adapts spaces between web elements for an optimal user experience.

Gutenberg Block-Based: Built on the Gutenberg block editor, GroundWP is designed to make content creation and customization straightforward. It’s also WooCommerce-compatible, expanding its usability beyond blogging.

SEO and Performance: With a focus on SEO and performance, GroundWP is a reliable choice for various website types, including blogging, affiliate marketing, and membership sites.

7, Customizr

Customizr WordPress theme

Overview: With 60,000+ downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, Customizr stands tall as one of the best responsive WordPress themes, specializing in delivering a smartphone app-like experience on any mobile website.

Mobile Optimization Prowess: Customizr excels in providing not just a mobile-friendly but a mobile-optimized experience. Its design and user interface mimic the smoothness of a smartphone app, ensuring a delightful user experience on mobile devices.

Speed Boost with Lazy Loading: To enhance site loading speeds, Customizr comes equipped with default lazy loading. This feature ensures that content loads dynamically, improving overall performance and user engagement.

Stylish Design Elements: Featuring a grid layout and a built-in full-width slider with a parallax effect, Customizr elevates the visual appeal of your website. The result is a stylish and modern design that captures the attention of visitors.

WooCommerce-Ready for Online Shops: Customizr doesn’t just stop at mobile optimization; it’s also WooCommerce-ready. If you’re venturing into the world of online shops, Customizr provides excellent design options for showcasing products and creating a seamless shopping experience.

8. Vantage


Overview: With a robust user base of 60,000+ and a commendable 4.5/5 rating, Vantage emerges as a free, responsive WordPress theme, offering flexibility and a range of features for various website needs.

Editing Tools Compatibility: Vantage stands out by working seamlessly with various editing tools, including the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. This compatibility ensures a smooth and intuitive editing experience, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

Custom Widgets for Enhanced Functionality: With support for over 50 custom widgets, Vantage adds a layer of versatility to your website. From hero sliders to headlines and accordion menus, these widgets empower you to create a dynamic and engaging online presence.

CSS Editor Compatibility: Vantage goes a step further by being compatible with SiteOrigin’s CSS editor. This integration allows for real-time previews as you edit, providing a live visual representation of your changes.

Custom Page Templates: Designed with user convenience in mind, Vantage comes equipped with custom page templates for various purposes. Whether you need a captivating homepage, WooCommerce shop templates, or specialized contact pages, Vantage has you covered.

9. One Page Express

OnePage Express

Overview: With 10,000 downloads and a flawless 5/5 rating, One Page Express emerges as a modern one-page theme designed to streamline the process of creating sleek and captivating WordPress websites.

Ready-to-Use Content Sections: Setting itself apart, One Page Express comes with a default homepage boasting over 30 customizable content sections. These sections, ranging from a contact form to customer testimonials, provide a ready-to-use framework for building your WordPress site. The drag-and-drop editor simplifies the customization process, making it accessible for users of all levels.

Visual Appeal with Video and Slideshow Background: In the realm of design, One Page Express excels with features like video and slideshow backgrounds. These elements contribute to an attractive and modern design, ensuring your website leaves a lasting impression.

Freemium Model with Premium Options: While the theme is free, One Page Express offers a freemium model with premium options starting from $79/year. The premium version, One Page Express Pro, comes in three plans, with the top-tier option offering additional content sections and a multi-page layout, providing more flexibility for your website.

10. Blocksy


Overview: With an impressive 60,000+ downloads and a stellar 5/5 rating, Blocksy emerges as a lightweight WordPress theme, offering versatility and modern features for websites across various niches.

Dark Mode Ready: Blocksy sets itself apart with a contemporary touch – it features a dark mode option. This not only adds a stylish element to your website but also caters to users who prefer a darker interface.

Drag-and-Drop Header Builder: Blocksy simplifies the customization process with its built-in drag-and-drop header builder. Offering nine header elements, including social icons and a shopping cart, this feature empowers users to create a personalized and functional header section tailored to their needs.

Mobile Optimization: Recognizing the importance of mobile responsiveness, Blocksy includes a mobile header option. This ensures that elements are arranged effectively on mobile devices, guaranteeing a seamless user experience and preventing visitors from missing essential content.

Compatibility and Real-Time Preview: Blocksy is designed to play well with several page builder plugins, enhancing its flexibility. The real-time preview feature allows users to see changes instantly as they customize their site, facilitating a more efficient and intuitive design process.

Freemium Model with Lifetime License: While Blocksy offers a free version, it follows a freemium model with premium options starting from $49/year. Users can opt for a lifetime license at $149, ensuring long-term access to premium features and support.

11. Mesmerize


Overview: With a solid user base of 40,000+ and a perfect 5/5 rating, Mesmerize stands out as a feature-rich multipurpose WordPress theme, offering a diverse range of design possibilities and visual enhancements.

Versatility in Design: Mesmerize takes versatility to the next level with five front-page header designs and an extensive collection of 30 customizable page-content sections. This abundance of design elements provides users with ample choices to craft a website that aligns perfectly with their vision and purpose.

Visual Appeal with Background Options: Enhancing the visual appeal of your site, Mesmerize seamlessly integrates support for video and slideshow backgrounds. These features add a dynamic and captivating aspect to your website, contributing to an engaging user experience.

Customization with Gradient Overlays: Mesmerize understands the importance of branding, offering gradient overlays to customize the hero image. This feature allows you to create an attractive and brand-aligned visual identity, ensuring your website leaves a memorable impression.

Freemium Model with Lifetime License: While Mesmerize offers a free version, it follows a freemium model with premium options starting from $79/year. For those seeking long-term benefits, a lifetime license option is available at $169, providing access to advanced features and continual support.

12. PopularFX


Overview: With an impressive 100,000+ downloads and a solid 4.5/5 rating, PopularFX emerges as a crowd-favorite multipurpose WordPress theme, offering a plethora of pre-made templates and intuitive customization features.

Pre-Made Templates for Every Purpose: PopularFX stands out by providing users with hundreds of pre-made page templates tailored for various types of websites. Whether you’re building an eCommerce store, a music platform, or a food blog, the diverse template collection ensures that you have a starting point that aligns with your website’s intent.

Integrated Drag-and-Drop Page Builder: Simplifying the customization process, PopularFX includes its own drag-and-drop page builder. This intuitive tool allows users to easily modify and personalize the templates to suit their specific needs, eliminating the need for intricate coding or design skills.

Comprehensive Widget Collection: PopularFX enhances its versatility with 32 custom widgets, adding functionality and visual appeal to your website. From progress bars to star ratings, testimonials, and Google Maps integration, these widgets contribute to creating a dynamic and engaging online presence.

Freemium Model for Budget-Friendly Customization: While offering a free version, PopularFX adopts a freemium model with premium options starting from $59/year. This ensures that users can access advanced features, templates, and ongoing support for a more comprehensive and tailored website creation experience.

13. Genesis

Genesis WordPress Theme

Notable Features:

Best Suited For:


Overview: In a league of its own, Genesis stands as a theme framework dedicated to empowering the development of secure, SEO-friendly, and responsive WordPress websites. While it may not boast an extensive range of design options, Genesis excels in providing a solid foundation for website creation.

Child Themes for Diverse Purposes: Genesis sets itself apart by offering a myriad of child themes catering to various website purposes. This allows users to choose a theme that aligns precisely with their content and design requirements. The advantage lies in the ability to customize the core files of these child themes without fear of disruptions during a Genesis theme update.

Secure and SEO-Friendly Approach: As a theme framework, Genesis prioritizes security and SEO-friendliness. This ensures that websites built on this framework adhere to best practices in both areas, contributing to enhanced performance and visibility in search engine rankings.

Advanced Customization for Experienced Users: While Genesis may present a steeper learning curve and advanced customization options, it becomes an ideal choice for experienced WordPress users. The framework grants the flexibility to delve into the intricacies of website development, allowing for tailored solutions without the constraints of predefined design elements.

Freemium Model for Comprehensive Support: Genesis adopts a freemium model with premium options starting from $360/year. This investment opens doors to advanced features, dedicated support, and a framework that evolves with the ever-changing landscape of WordPress development.

14. Hestia


Overview: With an impressive 100,000+ downloads and a stellar 5/5 rating, Hestia emerges as a versatile WordPress theme designed to enhance business websites and online stores. Boasting a professional and modern design, Hestia combines aesthetics with seamless functionality.

Professional and Modern Design: Hestia stands out with its professional and modern design, creating a visually appealing and trustworthy impression for business websites and online stores. The clean and minimalist one-page design option adds versatility to cater to different preferences.

Seamless Customization with Page Builders: To facilitate effortless customization, Hestia integrates seamlessly with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. This compatibility ensures that users can tailor their websites according to their unique vision and requirements without encountering technical barriers.

Responsive, Retina-Ready, and SEO-Friendly: Hestia prioritizes user experience by being fully responsive, retina-ready, and SEO-friendly. Whether accessed on desktop or mobile devices, the theme adapts to deliver an optimal viewing experience. The retina-ready feature ensures that visuals are crisp and clear, contributing to a visually stunning presentation.

WooCommerce Integration for Online Stores: For those venturing into e-commerce, Hestia offers seamless integration with WooCommerce. This empowers users to create and manage online stores with ease, leveraging the extensive features and functionalities that WooCommerce brings to the table.

Freemium Model with Budget-Friendly Options: While providing a free version, Hestia adopts a freemium model with premium options starting from $69/year. This allows users to access advanced features, ongoing support, and a comprehensive set of tools for a more refined and tailored website experience.

15. Colibri WP


Overview: With over 60,000 downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, Colibri WP emerges as a highly customizable WordPress theme, offering users a dynamic and creative platform for website development. Boasting drag-and-drop functionality and a wealth of pre-built content blocks, Colibri WP simplifies the website creation process.

Highly Customizable with Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Colibri WP sets itself apart with its highly customizable nature, driven by intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. This feature empowers users to effortlessly design and structure their websites according to their unique vision, eliminating the need for complex coding or design skills.

Pre-Built Content Blocks for Streamlined Design: To streamline the website creation process, Colibri WP provides 34 pre-built content blocks specifically designed for homepages. These blocks serve as foundational elements, allowing users to easily piece together a visually stunning and functional website with minimal effort.

Diverse Header Designs for Visual Appeal: Enhancing visual appeal, Colibri WP offers five distinct header designs. This variety provides users with options to choose a header style that aligns with their brand identity and the overall aesthetic they wish to convey.

Support for Various Media Backgrounds: Colibri WP supports image, video, and slideshow hero backgrounds, adding a layer of visual richness to the website. This versatility allows users to create engaging and immersive experiences for their visitors.

Access to Colibri’s Cloud Platform for Premium Users: Opting for the premium version unlocks additional benefits, including access to Colibri’s cloud platform. This platform facilitates website design using the Colibri builder, enabling users to share their designs before publishing. This collaborative feature enhances the overall website creation and approval process.

Freemium Model for Comprehensive Customization: Colibri WP operates on a freemium model, offering a free version with premium options starting from $79/year. This investment ensures users have access to advanced features, ongoing support, and the freedom to unleash their creativity with the drag-and-drop customization and pre-built content blocks offered by Colibri WP.

16. Sydney

Sydney WordPress Theme

Overview: Sydney, with over 100,000 downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, emerges as a top-tier WordPress theme tailored for businesses, agencies, and freelancers. Combining stunning parallax effects, seamless Elementor customization, and business-focused features, Sydney is the go-to choice for those seeking an impressive online presence.

Seamless Customization with Custom Elementor Blocks: Sydney’s freemium model offers users, including businesses and freelancers, the advantage of effortless customization through custom Elementor blocks. This integration simplifies the site-building process, ensuring a user-friendly experience for those utilizing the popular page builder.

Stunning Parallax Background Effect: Setting Sydney apart is its captivating parallax background effect. As users scroll down the page, this feature creates a mesmerizing 3D effect, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. The parallax effect enhances user engagement and contributes to a visually impactful website.

Extensive Font Options for Brand Identity: With support for over 600 Google Fonts, Sydney empowers users to define their brand identity through typography. This vast font selection provides ample choices, allowing businesses and freelancers to craft a website that aligns seamlessly with their unique brand aesthetic.

Business-Focused Features with Sydney Pro: Opting for Sydney Pro unlocks a suite of premium features tailored to businesses. Additional page templates, seamless WooCommerce integration for e-commerce capabilities, and single-page layouts enhance the theme’s functionality. Sydney Pro caters to the diverse needs of businesses, offering tools for an elevated online presence.

Freemium Accessibility and Premium Advantages: Operating on a freemium model, Sydney ensures accessibility for users with a free version while providing premium options starting from $69/year. This model strikes a balance between accessibility and advanced features, making Sydney an attractive choice for businesses and freelancers seeking both quality and affordability.

17. Kadence


Overview: Kadence, with an impressive 100,000+ downloads and a stellar 5/5 rating, emerges as a feature-rich and lightweight WordPress theme designed to optimize website loading speed without compromising on design flexibility. Businesses and online stores can harness the power of Kadence to achieve a perfect balance between speed and visual appeal.

Efficient and Lightweight Design: Kadence takes pride in its efficient and lightweight design, ensuring optimal website performance. This theme stands out for its ability to enhance loading speed, providing a seamless user experience while offering a plethora of design options.

Customization Made Effortless: With 17 starter templates catering to various website types, Kadence empowers users to effortlessly customize their sites. The inclusion of global controls for typography, buttons, and color palettes streamlines the customization process, allowing users to harmonize the entire website design with just a few clicks.

Drag-and-Drop Builder for Visually Attractive Headers and Footers: Kadence’s drag-and-drop header and footer builder are integral features that contribute to the theme’s visual appeal and functionality. Users can craft visually attractive headers with custom menus and shopping cart features, enhancing the overall user experience and aesthetic appeal of the website.

Affordable Freemium Model with Premium Advantages: Operating on a freemium model, Kadence ensures accessibility for users with a free version. Starting from $59/year, the premium options unlock advanced features, making Kadence an affordable yet powerful choice for businesses and online stores seeking both speed and design control.

18. GeneratePress


Overview: GeneratePress, boasting an impressive 400,000+ downloads and a stellar 5/5 rating, stands out as a lightweight theme tailored for business and eCommerce websites. With a focus on efficiency and global accessibility, GeneratePress offers a versatile solution for those seeking optimal performance and international reach.

Efficiency and Compatibility: GeneratePress is celebrated for its lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for business and eCommerce websites. Its compatibility with a wide array of WordPress extensions, including caching plugins, contributes to enhanced website speed, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Customizable Layouts for a Unique Look: Featuring nine widget areas and five fully customizable sidebar layouts, GeneratePress empowers users to create a unique and tailored look for their websites. The theme’s flexibility in layout customization ensures that businesses can present themselves in a visually distinctive manner.

Global Accessibility with Multilingual Support: GeneratePress goes beyond borders with its translation into over 25 languages. This multilingual support not only enhances the user experience for a diverse audience but also positions GeneratePress as an excellent choice for building websites with global reach.

Affordable Freemium Model with Lifetime Licensing: Operating on a freemium model, GeneratePress offers a free version with essential features. Starting from $59/year, the premium options unlock advanced capabilities. For those seeking a long-term commitment, the lifetime license at $249 provides a cost-effective solution with enduring benefits.

19. Phlox


Overview: Phlox, with over 50,000 downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, is a highly customizable multipurpose WordPress theme designed to empower users with customization capabilities and optimize mobile performance.

Customization Power with Elementor: Phlox stands out by seamlessly integrating with the Elementor page builder, offering users more than 30 exclusive Elementor elements. These elements, including features like the before-after slider, map integration, and testimonials, provide a diverse toolkit for creating dynamic and engaging websites.

Adaptive Images for Enhanced Mobile Experience: Phlox takes user experience to the next level with its adaptive images feature. When accessed on mobile devices, the theme ensures that images automatically adjust their size, significantly enhancing loading times. This optimization contributes to a smoother and faster browsing experience for mobile users.

Fully Responsive Post Slider: Phlox enhances content presentation with a fully responsive post slider. This feature allows users to feature a variety of media formats, including videos, images, and more. The dynamic post slider adds an engaging element to the website, capturing the attention of visitors and conveying information in an interactive manner.

Affordable Freemium Model with Lifetime Licensing: Operating on a freemium model, Phlox provides a free version with essential features. For users seeking advanced capabilities and long-term benefits, the lifetime license is available at a reasonable price of $39.

20. ArileWP


Overview: ArileWP, boasting a perfect 5/5 rating and over 2,000 downloads, stands as a professionally-designed WordPress theme tailored to elevate businesses online. With an elegant design and a host of powerful features, ArileWP is a compelling choice for enterprises and professional websites.

Elegant Design for Business Presence: ArileWP captures attention with its default business homepage, featuring a full-width slider seamlessly integrated with an information section and compelling call-to-action buttons. The theme’s aesthetic appeal is crafted to enhance the online presence of businesses, creating a visually engaging and professional impression.

Versatile WooCommerce Integration: For businesses venturing into e-commerce, ArileWP provides robust support for WooCommerce. This includes essential online store functionalities such as product quick-view, wishlists, and customizable product grid displays with options for three, five, or six columns. The theme ensures a seamless and visually appealing shopping experience for customers.

Translation-Ready and Multilingual Support: ArileWP recognizes the global nature of businesses and is designed to cater to diverse audiences. The theme is translation-ready, supporting compatibility with popular multilingual plugins such as WPML and Polylang. This ensures that businesses can effortlessly communicate with their audience in multiple languages, expanding their reach and impact.

Affordable Freemium Model with Lifetime Licensing: ArileWP follows a freemium model, offering a free version with essential features. Users seeking extended capabilities and long-term benefits can opt for the lifetime license, available at an affordable price starting from $59.

21. Total


Overview: Total, with over 50,000 downloads and a solid 4.5/5 rating, stands out as a modern and fully responsive WordPress theme designed to cater to the needs of digital agencies and freelancers. Its contemporary aesthetic and versatile features make it an ideal choice for creating visually appealing and functional websites.

Responsive Design with Modern Look: Total boasts a fully responsive design, ensuring optimal viewing and interaction across a variety of devices. The theme’s modern look aligns with contemporary design trends, making it suitable for digital agencies and freelancers aiming to showcase their work in a sleek and professional manner.

Flexible Layout Options: Total supports both one-page and multi-page web designs, providing flexibility for users to choose the layout that best suits their needs. With four-page layouts available, users can seamlessly arrange or disable sections to customize the website according to their preferences.

Customization Options with WordPress Customizer and Elementor: To empower users with customization capabilities, Total integrates seamlessly with WordPress Customizer and Elementor. This allows for easy and intuitive customization of the theme’s elements, ensuring that users can tailor the website to align with their brand and style preferences.

Parallax Section and Progress Bar for Enhanced Visual Appeal: Total enhances the visual appeal of websites with features such as parallax sections, adding a dynamic and engaging element to the user experience. The inclusion of a progress bar contributes to a sense of interactivity and provides a visual representation of the content loading process.

Affordable Freemium Model with Lifetime Licensing: Total adopts a freemium model, offering essential features for free. Users seeking extended capabilities and a lifetime commitment can opt for the lifetime license, available at an affordable price of $55.

22. Agama


Overview: Agama, with over 6,000 downloads and an impressive 4.5/5 rating, is a highly customizable WordPress theme designed to cater to the needs of agencies and portfolio websites. Its modern, minimal, and clean design positions it as a versatile choice for businesses and creative professionals looking to showcase their work effectively.

Highly Customizable Design: Agama prides itself on being highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the theme to their specific requirements. The modern, minimal, and clean design serves as a canvas for businesses, agencies, and portfolios to express their unique identity and showcase their content attractively.

Full-Width Slider Banner and Parallax Effect: Agama adds visual dynamism to websites with a full-width slider banner and parallax support. These features contribute to a captivating landing page, making a memorable first impression on visitors. The combination of a slider banner and parallax effect creates a visually engaging experience.

Multiple Header Variations: To provide flexibility in design, Agama offers three header variations. Users can choose the header style that best aligns with their brand aesthetics and overall design preferences. This customization feature contributes to a personalized and cohesive website appearance.

Compatibility with Leading Page Builder Plugins: Agama supports seamless integration with popular page builder plugins, including Elementor, Divi, and Brizy. This compatibility enhances the user experience by empowering users to create and modify content with ease, leveraging the functionalities of their preferred page builder.

eCommerce-Ready with WooCommerce Compatibility: Agama extends its functionality to eCommerce, thanks to its compatibility with WooCommerce. Businesses looking to set up an online store can leverage Agama’s eCommerce-ready features, ensuring a smooth and cohesive transition into the world of online selling.

Affordable Freemium Model with Lifetime Licensing: Agama adopts a freemium model, offering essential features for free. Users seeking extended capabilities and a commitment for a lifetime can opt for the lifetime license, available at a reasonable price starting from $49.

23. CityLogic


Overview: CityLogic, with over 2,000 downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, stands out as an excellent business WordPress theme. Boasting a modern design and a distinctive full-page slider banner, CityLogic is designed to make a memorable first impression on visitors, making it an ideal choice for businesses.

Modern Design with Full-Page Slider Banner: CityLogic’s modern design, coupled with a full-page slider banner, contributes to a visually striking front page. This combination ensures that businesses using CityLogic can create an aesthetically pleasing and impactful online presence, capturing the attention of potential customers.

Customizable Layouts to Match Your Brand: The theme offers six page layouts and 12 blog layouts, providing users with ample customization options to align the website with their brand identity. The ease of customization allows businesses to create a unique and visually cohesive representation of their products or services.

One-Page Mode for Seamless Navigation: CityLogic enhances user experience with a one-page mode, streamlining navigation for visitors. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to present concise and focused information, guiding visitors through a seamless and engaging browsing experience.

WooCommerce Support for E-commerce Flexibility: Recognizing the importance of e-commerce functionality, CityLogic supports WooCommerce integration. Businesses can leverage this support to set up an online store seamlessly, expanding their reach and offering products or services directly through their website.

Compatibility with Free WordPress Plugins: CityLogic is designed to be flexible and functional, supporting various free WordPress plugins. This compatibility ensures that businesses can enhance their website’s capabilities with additional features and functionalities, aligning the theme with their specific needs.

Affordable Freemium Model with Lifetime Licensing: CityLogic follows a freemium model, offering essential features for free. For users seeking extended capabilities and a commitment for a lifetime, the theme provides a lifetime license at an affordable price of $25.

24. Vilva


Overview: Vilva, with over 6,000 downloads and a stellar 5/5 rating, is a versatile WordPress blog theme designed to elevate the visual appeal of blogs across different niches. Whether your blog focuses on travel, food, beauty, or sports, Vilva provides the tools to create a beautifully designed and engaging online presence.

Beautifully Designed Multipurpose Theme: Vilva stands out as a multipurpose theme, offering flexibility for various blog types. Its design elements and features are carefully crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of blogs, ensuring that content is presented in an engaging and visually pleasing manner.

Social Media Integration with Instagram: The theme incorporates seamless social media integration, specifically with Instagram. Vilva allows users to embed their Instagram profile directly into the blog, showcasing posts and fostering a dynamic connection between the blog and social media presence.

Newsletter and Subscription Section for User Engagement: Vilva prioritizes user engagement with the inclusion of a dedicated newsletter and subscription section on the homepage. This feature enables visitors to easily sign up, fostering a community around the blog and establishing a direct channel for communication with the audience.

Typography Customization with 900+ Google Fonts: Recognizing the importance of typography in design, Vilva supports over 900 Google Fonts. This extensive font library empowers users to customize the typography of their blog, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the brand identity and contributes to an overall attractive visual presentation.

Affordable Freemium Model with Upgrade Options: Vilva adopts a freemium model, providing essential features for free. For users seeking additional capabilities and customization options, the theme offers upgrade options starting from $59. This pricing structure allows bloggers to access enhanced features while maintaining an affordable and flexible approach.

25. Hemingway


Overview: Hemingway, with over 20,000 downloads and a commendable 4.5/5 rating, stands out as a stylish and functional WordPress blog theme. Tailored for bloggers seeking an aesthetically pleasing yet practical design, Hemingway incorporates distinctive features that enhance the overall blogging experience.

Classic Two-Column Design: Hemingway embraces a classic two-column design, providing a clean and organized layout for blog content. This design choice contributes to a timeless and reader-friendly presentation, allowing visitors to focus on the written content without distractions.

Sticky-Post Feature for Highlighting Content: The inclusion of a sticky-post feature sets Hemingway apart in terms of content visibility. This functionality enables bloggers to select a specific post to be prominently displayed at the top of the homepage. This ensures that important or featured content remains easily accessible, capturing the attention of visitors.

Support for Multiple Post Formats: Hemingway caters to diverse content creation with support for four different post formats: standard, video, aside, and quote posts. This versatility allows bloggers to choose the format that best suits their content, adding flexibility to the blogging experience.

Full-Width Header Image Section and Parallax Scrolling: Creating a captivating first impression is crucial for any blog. Hemingway addresses this with a full-width header image section, allowing bloggers to feature striking visuals that represent their brand or content theme. The addition of a parallax scrolling effect enhances user interaction, providing a more engaging and dynamic browsing experience.

Cost-Effective Solution with a Free Pricing Model: Hemingway stands out as a cost-effective solution for bloggers, offering its stylish design and notable features entirely for free. This commitment to providing value without a price tag makes it an accessible choice for bloggers looking for a budget-friendly yet feature-rich WordPress blog theme.

26. Hueman


Overview: Hueman, with over 40,000 downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, stands out as a popular and lightweight magazine theme designed for dynamic blogs and online magazines. Packed with a range of features, Hueman offers a versatile and customizable platform for content creators.

Sharrre Plugin Integration for Social Sharing: Hueman incorporates the Sharrre social sharing plugin, elevating the social engagement aspect of your content. This integration provides high-resolution share buttons and share counts for each post, encouraging readers to share your content across various social media platforms.

Unlimited Widget Areas and Flexible Layouts: Flexibility is a key highlight of Hueman, offering unlimited widget areas and flexible layouts. This feature-rich theme empowers users to create diverse types of blogs and online magazines by customizing widget placements and layouts according to their preferences.

Featured Sliders and Multiple Post Formats: Enhancing the visual appeal of your content, Hueman includes featured sliders that allow for prominent display of selected posts. The support for multiple post formats adds versatility, accommodating various content types such as standard posts, videos, and more.

Hueman Addons Plugin for Additional Features: Hueman goes beyond its core features with the support of the Hueman Addons plugin. This extension introduces additional features, including a social sharing bar and shortcodes for responsive columns, blockquotes, and more. The Hueman Addons plugin enhances the theme’s capabilities, providing users with extra tools for content presentation.

Cost-Effective Freemium Model: Hueman adopts a freemium pricing model, making it accessible to a broad audience. Users can benefit from the theme’s core features for free, and for those seeking advanced functionalities, premium plans start from $49/year or a one-time payment of $99 for a lifetime license.

27.  Inspiro


Overview: Inspiro, with over 50,000 downloads and an impressive 4.5/5 rating, is a freemium WordPress theme tailored for photography and video portfolios. With a focus on dynamic multimedia presentation, Inspiro offers a range of features to enhance the visual appeal of your website.

Multi-Platform Video Support: A standout feature of Inspiro is its robust support for multimedia content. The theme boasts multi-platform video support, allowing you to seamlessly integrate videos into your portfolio. Whether it’s self-hosted files or videos from popular platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, Inspiro ensures a diverse range of video content can be elegantly showcased.

Fullscreen Video Background: Inspiro takes visual storytelling to the next level with its fullscreen video background feature. This immersive element allows you to create a captivating first impression for visitors, making it particularly suitable for photographers and videographers looking to showcase their work in a striking manner.

Lightweight Design for Quick Loading: Recognizing the importance of website performance, Inspiro is designed to be lightweight. This focus on optimization ensures that your portfolio website loads quickly, providing a seamless and responsive experience for your audience.

WooCommerce Compatibility for Integrated Shops: For users looking to monetize their creative endeavors, Inspiro is fully compatible with WooCommerce. This integration enables you to seamlessly incorporate an online shop within your portfolio website, offering a convenient way to sell prints, merchandise, or other products related to your photography and video content.

Cost-Effective Freemium Model: Inspiro adopts a freemium pricing model, making it accessible to a wide range of users. The core features are available for free, and for those seeking additional functionalities, premium plans start at $79/year. This pricing structure provides flexibility for users based on their specific needs and budget.

28. Perfect Portfolio

Perfect Portfolio

Overview: Perfect Portfolio, with over 3,000 downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, is a versatile WordPress theme designed for a range of portfolio websites. In contrast to themes tailored specifically for photography, Perfect Portfolio caters to creatives and professionals such as web developers, designers, and illustrators.

Clean and Adaptable Design: Perfect Portfolio boasts a clean-looking design, providing a versatile canvas for creatives to showcase their work. The theme’s adaptability makes it suitable for professionals from diverse fields, allowing for customization based on individual preferences and creative styles.

Grid Layout for Organized Showcase: The portfolio section of Perfect Portfolio utilizes a neat grid layout to present your works. This organized approach not only enhances the visual appeal of your portfolio but also ensures a user-friendly browsing experience for visitors exploring your creations. The ability to categorize works further adds a layer of organization to the showcase.

Dynamic Category Switching Animation: Perfect Portfolio introduces a unique animation feature when users switch between different categories within the portfolio. This dynamic element enhances the overall user engagement, providing an aesthetically pleasing transition as visitors navigate through various works.

WooCommerce-Ready for Monetization: Recognizing the importance of monetization for creative professionals, Perfect Portfolio comes WooCommerce-ready. This integration enables users to seamlessly set up online stores within their portfolio websites. Whether selling artworks, digital products, or services, the WooCommerce support adds a practical dimension to the theme.

Cost-Effective Freemium Model: Perfect Portfolio adopts a freemium pricing model, ensuring accessibility for users with varying needs and budgets. The core features are available for free, and those seeking additional functionalities can opt for premium plans starting at $59 for a lifetime license.

29. Rife


ustomization for Unique Page Layouts: One of Rife’s key strengths lies in its customization capabilities. Whether you’re a creative professional, photographer, or run a fashion store, Rife provides tools to shape your website’s layout according to your vision. The theme’s adaptability makes it suitable for diverse creative endeavors.

Specialized Features for Photographers: For photographers seeking a platform to showcase their work, Rife offers a brick gallery. This feature provides an aesthetically pleasing and organized way to display images, ensuring a visually impactful presentation of photography portfolios.

Enhanced Navigation with Mega Menu: Rife enhances user navigation with the inclusion of a mega menu. This feature allows for the creation of expansive and visually appealing menus, particularly beneficial for websites with substantial content and varied sections.

Live Writing Effect for Dynamic Content Display: To add a touch of dynamism to content presentation, Rife incorporates a live writing effect on text elements. This feature creates the illusion of text being written live, adding a visually engaging element to the overall user experience.

Responsive Slider for Versatile Content Display: The responsive slider in Rife supports a variety of content, including images and videos. This versatility ensures that users can showcase their creative works in different formats, adapting to the diverse needs of photographers, portfolio owners, and creative professionals.

Cost-Effective Freemium Model: Rife adopts a freemium pricing model, making it accessible to users with varying budgets. The free version provides essential features, while those seeking additional functionalities and customization options can explore premium plans starting from $39 per year.

30. Audioman


Overview: Audioman, with over 3,000 downloads and a perfect 5/5 rating, stands out as one of the best WordPress themes tailored for audio podcasts and music-focused websites. This theme is designed to seamlessly embed and promote podcasts, making it a go-to choice for individuals and organizations in the audio content space.

Built-in Audio Player for Seamless Playback: Audioman features a built-in audio player that simplifies the process of uploading and sharing podcasts. This functionality ensures a seamless playback experience for visitors, enhancing the accessibility of audio content on the website.

Playlist Option for Organized Audio Display: To cater to websites with multiple audio files, Audioman incorporates a playlist option. Users can group several audio files on a single page, and the playlist feature, configurable through the Customizer, allows for the display of audio tracks on the homepage or throughout the entire site. This organizational feature contributes to a user-friendly and organized presentation of audio content.

Breadcrumbs for Enhanced Navigation: Audioman prioritizes user experience by incorporating breadcrumbs navigation. This feature enhances website navigation, allowing visitors to understand their location within the site’s hierarchy. Breadcrumbs not only contribute to an intuitive user interface but also optimize the website for search engines, positively impacting discoverability.

Scroll-Up Button for Convenient Navigation: The inclusion of a scroll-up button in Audioman adds a touch of convenience to navigation. By providing a quick way for visitors to return to the top of a page, this default feature ensures a smoother browsing experience.

Cost-Effective Freemium Model: Audioman adopts a freemium pricing model, offering essential features in the free version. For users seeking additional functionalities and customization options, premium plans start from $59.99. This cost-effective approach makes Audioman accessible to a diverse range of individuals and organizations involved in audio podcasting and music.

31. Video Streaming

Video Streaming

Overview: Video Streaming, a new free responsive WordPress theme, has quickly gained popularity with over 100 downloads. Tailored for video websites, this theme offers a range of features to enhance the visual presentation and functionality of video content.

Built-in Slider for Featured Content: Video Streaming comes equipped with a built-in slider, allowing website owners to showcase up to 50 featured posts and videos prominently. This feature enhances the visual appeal of the homepage and provides an engaging way to highlight selected content.

Trending Videos Section for Homepage Dynamics: The theme incorporates a trending videos feature, strategically displaying selected video categories on the homepage. When combined with the built-in slider, this feature contributes to a dynamic homepage with abundant content options for visitors to explore and enjoy.

Fully Responsive Design for Cross-Device Compatibility: Ensuring a seamless user experience, Video Streaming boasts a fully responsive design. This means that videos will play and look great on screens of various sizes, accommodating a diverse audience across different devices.

WooCommerce Support for Online Store Functionality: Recognizing the diverse needs of website owners, Video Streaming includes support for WooCommerce. This feature enables the integration of online store functionality on the video website, allowing users to explore additional offerings and potentially monetize their content.

Cost-Effective Freemium Model: Video Streaming adopts a freemium pricing model, providing essential features in the free version. For users seeking additional functionalities and customization options, premium plans are available at a reasonable cost of $39 for a lifetime license. This approach makes Video Streaming an accessible choice for individuals looking to establish a feature-rich video website.

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