Google is changing how it answers our questions online. Instead of showing us lots of links, it’ll give us shorter, simpler answers. This could mean fewer people visiting certain websites when they search for things.

The big change is that Google will use computers to give quick summaries of information from the web. This might make links and websites less important when you search for something.

For people who run websites or blogs, this could be a problem. If Google’s new system gives all the answers, fewer people might click on links to their sites.

Experts aren’t sure how much this will affect websites yet. They say it’s like a big experiment happening in real-time. For now, they suggest that websites keep doing what they’re doing and try to be seen in places other than Google.

Even though Google says their new system will send more people to different websites, some people worry it might not work out that way.

But there could be some good things too. Some experts think that news websites might be able to work with Google to share their information. This could help keep journalism alive.

Overall, Google’s change is a big deal for websites. It might mean fewer clicks for some, but there could be new opportunities too. People running websites will need to keep an eye on how things go and maybe try new ways to get noticed online.

Source : Yahoo Finance

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