The Google Sales channel connects your Shopify store’s products and relevant information to the Google Merchant Center automatically. Then, you can directly update your Google product feed from Shopify. Products that are synced to Google Merchant Center through Shopify’s Google channel can be shown for free in Google Shopping tab search results for eligible stores that sell in the United States.

Set up the Google Sales channel to sync your Products

The Shopify App Store is where you can get the Google channel.

After you install the Google channel, you need to link your Google account and Google Merchant Center account so that you can sync your Shopify products with Google.

For the new Google channel to work with your store, there are a few things you need to do. When you set up the Google channel, you can look at the requirements to see if your online store or shipping settings need to be changed.

1.Click Settings on your Shopify admin page.

2. Click the button that says Visit the Shopify App Store.

3. Search for “Google” in the Shopify App Store to find out more about the sales channel.

4. Click Add channel.

5. Click Connect Google Account, and then choose an existing Google account or make a new one. You need to give Shopify permission to access the information in your Google account.

6. Review how your online store needs to be set up and make any necessary changes.

7. Choose a Merchant Center account or make one

8. You have to prove that you are the owner of the Merchant Center account.

9. To set up where you want to sell your products, click Select next to Target market. Then, choose a target market and language. The countries and regions you can target depend on the currency settings for your store. The languages you can choose from are based on which ones Google supports and which market you want to reach.

10. If you’re setting up for paid marketing on Google, click Select beside Shipping settings, and then click the drop-down menu to select automatic or manual configuration of shipping rates: > Select Automatically import shipping settings to sync your shipping rates from Shopify, then click Save. Find out more about how Google Merchant Center can help you sync your shipping rates. > Click Save after choosing “Manually set up shipping settings in Google Merchant Center” to set up your shipping rates on Google Merchant Center.

11. Customize the title and description of products that are synced with Google according to your preferences. Find out more about how to improve the titles and descriptions of your products for Google Shopping.

After you finish setting up, Google will automatically start to sync with the products in your online store. When products from eligible stores are synced to Google Merchant Center using the Google channel, they can be shown for free on relevant Google surfaces.

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